Abraham Lincoln Historical Stock Photos for President’s Day and Beyond

Abraham Lincoln is one of the most iconic historical American presidents. From his Emancipation Proclamation to the Civil War and his efforts to free slaves, to his untimely assassination, Abraham Lincoln figures prominently in the American historical imagination.

Lincoln is also famous partially because he was one of the first presidents to be extensively photographed. His time in office corresponded with the growth of photographic technologies, which means that there are a wide variety of portraits of his life.

Here are some of the best historical stock photos of Abraham Lincoln for Presidents' Day, Civil War articles, or books, and many more uses from our collections at Gado Images and other sources.

Iconic President Abraham Lincoln Stock Photos

When we think of Abraham Lincoln, we all have an idea in our heads of what he looks like. He has a beard, often a stovepipe hat, and a stoic facial expression. This represents the way Lincoln looked while in office, and these kinds of historical stock photos have become iconic.

At Getty Images, you can find a wide variety of these iconic portraits of Lincoln available to license at a high resolution.

Abraham Lincoln's Early Days

What many people don't know or see very often are the earlier days of Abraham Lincoln's life. Lincoln didn't always have a beard, and he didn't always have that famous hat!

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Unique and interesting stock photos show Abraham Lincoln as a youth, as well as his early political career. These photos can be great if you're planning coverage of untold stories about Lincoln and his life.

Check out our full gallery of Abraham Lincoln historical stock photos, including unique photos of his early years.

Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War

Abraham Lincoln is perhaps best known for his participation in the American Civil War, and his efforts to free slaves. Many historical engravings of the time depict dramatizations of Abraham Lincoln's work on emancipation.

When it comes to the Civil War, there are extensive photographs of Lincoln's participation. Many of these were taken by Matthew Brady, an iconic early photographer who documented the Civil War extensively.

If you're planning an article or broadcast about the Civil War, or you're working on a book about this world-changing American conflict, these can be great historical stock photos to add to your research list.

Stock Photos of Lincoln's Assassination

Sadly, Lincoln was shot and killed in an assassination by John Wilkes Booth. This event rocked the American political and social landscape and created large challenges for the process of reconstruction following the Civil War.

A variety of stock photos show John Wilkes Booth, public reactions to Lincoln's assassination, and the aftermath.

Although the assassination itself was not captured, the execution of the conspirators was captured photographically.

Execution of conspirators to assassinate Lincoln

See photos related to Abraham Lincoln's assassination in our gallery. You can also check out photos of John Wilkes Booth.


If you're looking for images of an iconic American president for Presidents' Day or other uses, historical stock photos of Abraham Lincoln are a great bet. Lincoln's life and legacy cut across modern political categories and tells a quintessential story of American strength and resilience.

For some kinds of coverage, you may need iconic stock photos of Lincoln. However, it can be instructive and informative to delve deeper into Lincoln's life. Unique stock photos of Abraham Lincoln, especially ones of his early days, can help you to tell these often forgotten stories.

Browse all our historical stock photos of Abraham Lincoln.

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