Stock Photos of Microsoft to Illustrate Bing and ChatGPT Stories

With interest in ChatGPT surging, and Microsoft integrating the OpenAI platform into its Bing search engine, many journalists and financial analysts are scrambling to find high-quality, original stock photos of Microsoft.

Microsoft's history goes back to 1975. The company has changed a lot since then, and as the recent success of ChatGPT shows, the company continues to change even today.

To help illustrate your ChatGPT and Microsoft stories, take a look at our gallery of Microsoft stock photos.

Historical Stock Photos of Microsoft

Need to dig a bit farther back in Microsoft's history to tell a more complete story? Take a look at historical Microsoft stock photos from our partner Getty Images.

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Want photos of Bill Gates as a young man, or stock photos of other early Microsoft products? Getty Images has you covered.

You can also check our more contemporary stock photos of ChatGPT and other innovative AI technologies. The tech can be a bit hard to capture photographically, but there are a lot of great illustrative stock images of ChatGPT and other related AI technologies.

Why Use Historical Microsoft Stock Photos?

As with any advanced technology, there's a lot of hype around ChatGPT right now. Providing some historical context via amazing stock imagery can help to provide much-needed background.

Well-produced stock photos of advanced technologies can also help you to move your coverage beyond visual cliches, like robot arms and green code on a black screen. Technologies like ChatGPT have massive disruptive potential, and deserve more serious visual coverage.

It can also be valuable to share images of the people behind large technical breakthroughs. Getty Images has stock photos of OpenAI founder Sam Altman, which are perfect for giving some backstory on the company behind ChatGPT.


Thomas Smith
Thomas Smith

Thomas Smith is a professional news, travel and food photographer, and CEO of the historical photo agency Gado Images. Smith's work routinely appears in publications including Time Magazine, People Magazine and Food + Wine, and Gado Images' historical photos appear in thousands of publications worldwide. The New York Times called Smith a "veteran programmer".

Historical Stock Photos
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