Powerful Photos for Your Lisa Marie Presley Obituary Coverage

Tragically, Lisa Marie Presley, the daughter of famed singer Elvis Presley, has passed away at age 54. According to numerous reports, Lisa Marie Presley likely died of cardiac arrest. She was rushed to the hospital, and her passing was announced later in the evening on January 12th.

Given the tragic and sudden circumstances of Lisa Marie Presley’s death, many journalists are likely caught off guard and searching for obituary photographs that do justice to the life of this influential musician and the heir to Elvis Presley’s legacy.

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If you need portraits of Lisa Marie Presley for your obituary coverage, Getty Images has a variety of portraits from throughout the singer’s life. You can also find numerous photographs for stories or news coverage, reflecting Lisa Marie Presley’s story, life, and interactions with her father Elvis Presley.

We are saddened to hear of the passing of Lisa Marie Presley. These resources will hopefully be helpful in planning your coverage of this unfortunate story.

Browse Lisa Marie Presley obituary photos and portraits.


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